"Guitarist/Composer Aditya Balani marks new territory with his musical aspirations. From 'Answers' (a dreamy track about life's haunting why's) to 'Prarthna'(a prayer for peace pressed in splendid jazz guitar lines), his compositions are more of subconscious imprints than disciplined exercises in songwriting." -Rolling Stone India

"In an Indian indie scene teeming with guitarists wearing their rock and metal influences on their sleeves, guitarist, composer and band leader Aditya Balani (The Aditya Balani Group, A.S.T, Advaita) stands out from the crowd. With a background in Indian classical and jazz, the Berklee College Of Music alum is blurring the lines and geographies between genres as he explores the outer edges of his craft." -Gibson Guitar

"Their model is perhaps a pointer to the future — young, passionate jazz men who blend several influences and make jazz accessible to this generation." -Asian Age

"A mix of jazz, Indian classical and folk music...Aditya Balani's music brings to the table a very colorful and original sound." -DNA Mumbai

"An astonishingly good blend of world music and contemporary jazz." -Hindustan Times




Aditya Balani Group, a cinematic-world-jazz ensemble brings together talented musicians from countries across the globe. The group has been performing internationally since 2008 has included musicians from India, Israel, Spain, Serbia, Chile, Bulgaria and US. Aiming for true artistic expression and drawing from their ethnic roots each musician adds a unique color to their sound, which is an exciting blend of the spontaneity and harmonic interplay of Jazz with the sheer intensity of melodies and rhythms influenced by Indian Classical/Folk music, and various other musical traditions of the world. Aditya Balani was chosen as one the featured artists for Jazz Revelation Records for 2010, and nominated for best song (Jazz/Blues) for the BIG STAR Indian Music Academy awards. A rare guitarist who performs microtonal music, some of his tunes feature a unique approach to fretless guitar, developed from sarod playing techniques.                                               

Aditya an eclectic guitarist, composer and songwriter, has worked with bands like Advaita, Aritistes Unlimited, Crimson, Think Floyd, Incognito and performed with international artists like Kenwood Dennard, Shye Ben-Tzur, David Fiuczynski, Carl Clements and Shubha Mudgal to name a few. In 2010 he graduated (summa cum laude) from Berklee College of Music (USA), where he received the Berklee Achievement Scholarship, won the Kenwood Dennard artist competition and performed at various celebrated events like the International Folk Music Festival and Guitar Night Showcase. After moving back to India, Aditya has been performing extensively across the country in festivals like the Delhi International Arts Festival, NH7 Weekender, Jazz Utsav, Congo Square Jazz Festival, Shisha Jazz Fest, Aquajam Festival, TaBlu Jaipur and Literary Fest.

Aditya shares a passion for music education, he is the Academic Director at Global Music Institute in New Delhi, which he founded along with his brother Tarun Balani (drummer/composer) in 2011. The first of its kind in India, the Institute aims to promote musical diversity  with an emphasis on national and international collaboration in faculty for teaching and performance.

Latest News

'Answers' album on its way!

The album Answers is being mixed and mastered by New York based engineer Michael Perez-Cisneros! It was recorded at the Wellspring Sound Studios in Acton(USA) and features an international array of musicians:
Aditya Balani (fretless and fretted guitars) (India)
Aaron Bahr (Trumpet) (USA)
Sharik Hasan (Piano) (India)
Mimi Hristova (Viola) (Bulgaria)
Haggai Cohen (Bass) (Israel)
Tarun Balani (Drums) (India)

All set to release in a couple of months, stay tuned for more updates!

Aditya Balani




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We are back in the US after our second India tour!!! A big thanks to all of you who came to our shows in India, we really had a great time playing in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Please leave your comments and feedback, we would love to hear from you!

Thanks for all your support!

Aditya Balani

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